Irene’s Clothing Alterations is a full service alterations business, that specialises in providing a wide variety of quality services, including:

Dress and suit adjustments
When it comes to a wedding, school formal or special event you can trust Irene to make the delicate adjustments necessary for the perfect fit.

Trouser hem shortening and lengthening
Need your pants shortened or lengthened? Many alterations stores will simply trim the excess material and finish off the hem.  However this doesn’t always lead to the ideal result.  Irene will ensure the fit of the pants is maintained, this may include reducing the overall leg width.  She will then carefully match the thread and the original finish to ensure your pants look the same as what they would have looked if they were made in your perfect size to begin with.

Clothes resizing and remodelling
Sometimes you don’t want to let go of a favourite item of clothing or perhaps you’ve purchased an item that doesn’t quite fit they way you like. At Irene’s we can change the fit or remodel the item to suit current trends.  This may include changing your existing baggy shirt or pants to slim fit, changing jeans to shorts or changing your long sleeve blouse into a short sleeve or no sleeve blouse.  Whatever you want done, Irene has the experience to make it happened.

Damage and tear repair
With over 35 years experience, Irene has seen it all when it comes to clothing damage, wear and tear.  Come visit Irene to make your item look like new once again.

Zip and button replacement
Not only can Irene quickly replace your broken zips and buttons, depending on the item of clothing she can also swicth between the two.  For example, want to change those buttons on your jeans to a zip, Irene can help.

Manchester alterations
We can repair curtains, cushions, pillow cases or bed sheets.

Business Customers
If you are a fashion retailer interested in offering a convenient tailoring option direct to your customers, call Irene like many other nearby retailers have on (03) 98130 4660.

Special Requests
Just because what you are looking to get done is not listed above, doesn’t mean Irene can’t handle it.  Give us a call or pop in and see us.